Reconcile Transaction Issue

Hello All,

I am very new to Tiller. Have my Foundation Template up and running with Add ons of Savings Budget, Budget Journal, and Auto Cat.

I have several transactions that were input manually, have cleared my bank, show in my Tiller Daily Update emails, yet when I run “Reconcile Transactions” a transaction is not found. Everything was working until the 19th. Now I have one transaction from the 19th that won’t reconcile thereby leaving it as manual, and 12 others from 7/20 - 7/22 that are the same way.

A few from the 21st did reconcile today, but several did not. What am I doing wrong?


Did you use the Manual Transaction workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on to add the transactions or were they added without that workflow? They will not be recognized if they weren’t added using the workflow with the flag set for later reconciliation.

Hi Randy,
I did use the manual transaction workflow for each of the transactions and set the flag for reconciliation.

Any ideas?


So you see the “manual:” prefix in the Transaction ID column in the Transactions sheet and there is some JSON data in the Metadata column for the flagged transactions. Can you send an example of the metadata content for one of the transactions (feel free to hide/change anything that is personal).

Hi Randy,

I have hidden columns so as to fit the information into the screen shot. This shows two transactions as an example. Mills and CHI St. Luke’s.

The “manual:” prefix in the Transaction ID is a good start. Can you share or show the value in the Metadata column for those transactions?

Hi Randy,

Here is the second screen shot displaying the metadata. Sorry I left that off yesterday…

Can you copy and paste the contents here of one of those cells that starts “{manualTransaction…”?


That Metadata looks correct, @kfelicidario. Can you review these criteria and see if another field is amiss between your manually entered transaction and its TMF sibling?

Hi Randy,

I have checked each item. I have only one account linked to the TMF and it is accurately indicated by Account Name, Account Number and Institution. The amounts are exact. The days have been since July 19th through today. No transactions are reconciling. I have 15 days set as the range to search. All of these transactions cleared between 7/19 and today. I now have 29 transactions that are not clearing.


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Hi @kfelicidario - were you able to get this figured out?

We’re working on revamping the reconcile features and want to understand what challenges folks are facing with this. If you’re still stuck, please DM me so we can get this solved for you.