Mobile App for Tiller Budget Template

Hi @kyleware:

Using AppSheet, I have found it really helpful to first create a sheet in Tiller that pulls or produces the Tiller-housed data you want to see on your mobile device. Then reference the customized sheet in AppSheet.

This eliminates much the hidden complexities of formatting and formulas, but focuses on top-line results these produce. It offers great opportunities to create the custom solution you’re looking for.

For example, on my AppSheet solution, I wanted to be able to see my account balances. So I created an additional sheet in Tiller called, Mobile Balances. This sheet produces a simple roster of the current results that the Tiller Magic is producing behind the scenes on the Balances sheet: the account names, the date last updated, and the balances, using cell formulas like this: =Balances!B11, and so on.

In AppSheet, I pull the Mobile Balances sheet…works!

Does that help?

Would you be willing to share a screen shot of what your appsheet app “View Columns” configuration looks like? Would love to try and be able to make this work with the foundation template. Thank you!

I’ve updated this mobile app for the Savings Budget Template that’s compatible with the Tiller Foundation Budget. I just have to create a anonymized spreadsheet and a new demo app. I’ll probably create a new post for the new app since the steps are very different from the ones for the Tiller Envelope Budget.

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The names of tables/sheets that are used, or one of the specific sheets? The app calls 5 different sheets:

Thanks for sending that. I was actually hoping to see what you had for your column names on the budget table. You said that you made some changes to that specific table?

Here are my column names. I attempted to start doing what you suggested (renaming), but I wasn’t exactly sure how/what to do.

Thanks a lot for the reply!


Here you go

Thanks for sending - just to confirm, you’re using the Foundation template? This is what my monthly budget looks like on my foundation template. Does it look the same as yours or did you rename specific columns in the actual spreadsheet?
Thanks again for your help!

That’s awesome news! Thanks a lot for doing that! When do you think you’re doing to do the new post?

I’ve just finished and submitted my post: