Monthly analysis question: how to show both income and expense in the graph

Hi folks,
I want to see both Income and Expenses in the Monthly Analysis graph. Right now, I can either show 1 or the other (not concerned about showing budget). Is there an easy fix for this that I am missing? Or is there another TCS add-on that would work?


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Welcome, @vshah.

Can you tell us more about what you’re looking for? Would it work to add a chart to the Yearly Budget (with the existing data) for what you’re looking for?

Hi @randy
I am mostly looking for a graph where I can see a timeline of income vs expense in one place over a specified length of time. I man not sure a graph in Yearly Budget would help since I do not use Budgets much. But changing the expenses graph in Spending Trends to add another series with income on there would work just as well as allowing both income and expense to be shown on the graph in Monthly Analysis.
It mostly an easy way to see and discuss with my spouse when and how expenses are greater than income

I hear you, I’m just trying to find a starter template where all the data is already there so there isn’t too much rework. Have you looked at the Live Profit & Loss Report template? That may be another compelling starting point… though the data isn’t live— you need to rerun the report when you want to update. If you like it, there are some hacks that may allow you to customize the report template with the chart so you don’t need to recreate that each time you update the data.

@randy Thanks! The Live Profit & Loss sheet looks good. I should be able to just make a series from the Income and Expense totals I think. Is it best practice to create the graph on another sheet so that I don’t modify the actual add-on?

So you “don’t modify the actual template”…? It’s your call. If you make changes to the template and then later choose to download an update, it will overwrite your customizations. But it is also possible that a future update won’t have the same data locations as your standalone charting.

I’d just do whatever feels most natural and convenient, @vshah.

@randy Thanks for your help! Created a new graph in a new sheet form the Live P&L sheet.

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