Monthly Budget - Projected Spending

When using the Monthly Budget sheet, I’d like to see a projected spending amount. As an example:

  • Assume I budget $5000 for the month, so that shows up under “Spending Budget” at the top of the sheet

  • I’m 1/2 of the way through the month and so I’ve used some of my budget but also I’ve had some unexpected expenses.

  • I’ve used 1/2 of my planned budget ($2500) plus spent an extra $200 in some categories that I didn’t plan for.

  • I would like a projected spending calculation - my $5000 planned plus the $200 unplanned to be added together to show $5200.

If there’s a way to do this, I’d love to have your guidance on how to show it.


How about adding a column and doing a calculation to show the =max() of the Budget and Actual columns, and then summing that new column? This would only help “catch” the categories where you (1) planned to spend zero but ended up spending more than zero, or (2) planned to spend X but ended up spending X+Y already at the point in time of the calculation.

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I like the idea of just creating a few custom cells on the existing Monthly Budget to answer these questions. Good suggestions, @Caroleen.

You can also use something like day(today())/day(eomonth(today(),0)) to scale a budget based on the day and the number of days in the month, @azfreedomranch.