Monthly Budgets Savings

Hi I am trying to set up a monthly budget using categories, but how do I account for savings items? Like if I want to budget my Roth IRA, how do I make it subtract from the total budget, without classifying it as an expense (because it is really a transfer)?

Tldr:, how do I make transfer items affect the budget?

Use the Savings Budget template

Great question, and it depends on the context, like whether this is a paycheck deduction or a one-time contribution. Planned contributions to savings goals, particularly retirement savings, are categorized, budgeted, and contributed to like they are expenses. I have a category of “Roth IRA Contr,” rolling up to a Group called Savings Contributions. When I make the transfer, I use the “Roth IRA Contr” category, and it goes against my Roth IRA Contr budget item.

Here’s an article from Tiller Help.

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