Multiple Venmo Accounts

Hi there - My partner and I are trying to track our finances in a consolidated spreadsheet. We’re trying to pull transactions from both of our Venmo accounts but it appears we can only be logged into one account at a time. We’re able to set up bank accounts with multiple logins without a problem. Is there a way to the same with Venmo?



You should be able to pull in both accounts. You will need to do one at a time.

I think your question has nothing to do with Tiller. Are those bank accounts joint? I suspect they are. If so, that is why you can have multiple logins.


Another option, @wyattlillie, is to import one Venmo account using the Line-Item CSV Workflow in the Tiller Money Labs add-on. It’s not as seamless as the feeds but is serviceable if you are running into issues.