Net worth tracker issue

Is anyone else seeing an issue in the net worth tracker part of the google sheet, that the current month isn’t updated? For some reason some accounts have updated, and some are equal to last month’s value. I tried restoring the sheet from scratch and it still did the same thing. I double checked the Balance History tab, and it is correct showing a higher balance on for example 3/5. But as of 3/15 the balance shown in the net worth sheet for march is the february ending value.

If nobody else is seeing the same then I can expand the hidden columns and troubleshoot the formula but figured I’d ask her first.

I found the issue. Balance History had a couple accounts filtered out and was slightly not sorted by date as a result, one or both of those things must have messed up the net worth sheet. It’s solved now.

Glad to hear you figured it out, @jcaserta. :champagne: