Net Worth template Balances not Updating


I have seen similar questions on this topic but my Net Worth Balances are not rolling forward for all accounts (i.e. the current balance per the “Balances” & “Retirement Planner” tabs do not equal the current balance on the “Net Worth” tab).

As the Balances/Retirement Planner tabs pick up current balances, and this only seems to affect a few accounts, I do not think it is an issue with the Balance Sheet History. I Restored the Net Worth tab thinking possibly something just got out of whack but the issue persists.

Please advise anything I can do to troubleshoot I may be missing.


The net worth sheet has you pick an “end date” I think. Is there a chance that the end date you have selected is in the past and that’s why the current balance isn’t pulling into Net Worth?


I think we’re seeing similar issues? Net worth tracker issue - #5 by ianhyzy