Error in Net Worth Tracker Balance

All but one of the accounts on my “Net Worth” Tracker tab are correctly pulling in the balance from the “Accounts” tab. I tried copying the formula from the above row but it still yields the same incorrect number. I deleted the reinstalled the Net Worth Tracker but still am getting the same incorrect number. The balance in Column AJ on the “Net Worth” tab is not correct, but the balance on Column J of the “Accounts” tab where it’s doing the lookup is correct, and the incorrect balance displayed on the “Net Worth” tab is nowhere to be found on the “Accounts” tab hidden columns. The account balance is correctly shown on the “Balances” tab, however, resulting in my net worth not agreeing. I also have the end date set to today’s date.

Make sure that your Balance History sheet is sorted by descending dates.

@byode455 The Net Worth pulls data from the Balance History sheet and the Accounts sheet. Are you able to find the incorrect balance (the balance that is showing up on the Net Worth tab) in the Balance History tab. Perhaps you can filter by the account in question and look at the various balances for this account.

Thanks! I had a filter on and must have sorted by date after the filter. I unfiltered, re-sorted by date, then the issue was resolved!