New Accounts Added to Balances Sheet, But Not Added to Accounts Sheet?

I searched extensively but could not find a solution.

I added several accounts to Tiller. They are showing up on my balances sheet as ungrouped assets.

I went to the accounts sheet to group them, but they are not there.

Can someone please explain how I get them to show up? Thank you in advance.

Do you see them on your Balance History sheet?

Thank you for your reply. I do see the accounts on my balance history sheet.

So, this is going to sound like a very basic suggestion, but when you go to the Accounts sheet, you need to click on the green arrow in a cell in the Account column and choose the new account to populate that row. The accounts don’t automatically show up. You have to populate a row with an account. (Sorry, if this comes off as super basic. I can assure you I don’t think you or anybody is an idiot. I just got tripped up on this at one point.)

DUH! Thank you very much for that! It works! I really appreciate it! Thank again!


That makes me smile. Happy to help.

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And thank you for being nice about it! Why didn’t I realize that! lol