New CC replacing categories blank with old card number... help!

My old Chase Card has about 1/2 of the year’s transaction categories now showing blank and also have been replaced with the new card number that was recently issued - the old card was hacked. How can I fix this as I don’t want to go back through the entire year’s worth of transactions and manually put in categories again! Help. Thanks.

Can you give us more details on what you are seeing or even post a screenshot. I think with a bit more info, we can get you fixed.


Did you run AutoCAT manually against all transactions? That’s the only way I can think of that would alter already categorized transactions. In any case, you could always use Version History to go back to before the problem occurred.

Version history helped, but no, I’m not using autocat, just fill. I made a short video here that shows the issue. Looking forward to your response.

Looks like the new card number still has the transaction history of the old card, so when Tiller goes to pull in transactions from it, it sees them all as new transactions, and pulls them in under the new account number. They should all be duplicate transactions that are already listed under the old account number (I can see many duplicates in the video) so I think it will be safe to delete all those newly pulled transactions with blank categories. Just pay attention to the most recent transactions, where they are only available under the new account and not the old, you obviously won’t want to delete those. Once the duplicates are deleted, they won’t be pulled again, so moving forward you should be fine. You might also want to uncheck the box for the ‘hacked’ card account so it no longer tries to pull transactions from that one.


100% agree with this.

Thanks. Yes, that seems to have “fixed” the issue. I went back through November and deleted the duplicates. I don’t need to go through Jan - Oct because I keep my own dashboard tally on the first tab of my tiller feed. Good thing too otherwise this would have been hours of work just to get it back to normal. We’re near the end of the year so a new sheet will start up in January. I’m just wondering what to do when this happens again with a new CC card as they tend to get hacked about once a year for us each. :frowning:

I’ve had to do something like that before. I found it easiest to filter out other accounts so just the new one appears, then just select and delete all the transactions up to whatever date I know the switchover occurred.