New Debt Payoff Planner replacing Debt Planner community solution


Just wanted to share a note that now that we have an officially supported debt template we’ll no longer be providing community-support for the Debt Planner previously available from the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

You’re still welcome to use the Debt Planner from Tiller Community Solutions, but you won’t be able to restore it using the TCS add-on and most of the topics about it here in the community have been closed.

We recommend transitioning to the Debt Payoff Planner from Tiller.

To transition simply install the Debt Payoff Planner using the TIller Money Feeds add-on > Templates section (it is slow and can take up to 2 minutes to finish installing, but patience is a virtue, right? :wink: )

From there you can just copy/paste over your Debt accounts, interest rates, and minimum monthly payments into the new planner.

There’s no need to have individual categories for every account anymore, and it’s disconnected from the budgets and transactions sheet. It’s all based on balance data and is much simpler to use and set up.

You can learn more about the new template on the Tiller Help Center here:


“and there was much rejoicing”

I have the TCS version and dig it, but already installed this one to see if it’s better. Nice to not have to have individual categories for each account, that’s a big benefit (even though I already created them for use in the prior version.)

Looking forward to really getting into this one to see how well it can help me plan and forecast.

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I would love to see a field where I can enter one-time, big splash payments like a tax refund or winning the lottery! How does it impact my timeline and future payments? If I pay $5000 this month, what happens to my curve?

@robdog151 that’s a great question and one I was pondering myself the other day. I think because you should see your current balance go down by the $5k or whatever that would impact the curve once that new balance pulls into the sheet. But I’m not 100% sure :thinking:

@randy would the payoff date or chart change to reflect a very large payment like that when the current balance goes down or is it just modeling based on the assumption someone would just pay only the recommended amount.

I’ve heard there’s an Easter egg in Tiller where if you win the lottery, all of your sheets transform into dancing bears. (But, yes, good idea. My wife and I have occasionally contemplated making an unusually large payment toward a debt when we had an excess of cash.)

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@heather I think I am looking for the opportunity to try different scenarios, which might help me decide how much and when to apply a payment, and to what card.


Add me to the list for this one. I primarily use the ranked method and would like to be able to tinker with both minimum payments and the rank itself to see how the debt free date adjusts. I suppose I could create multiple copies of the debt planner to do this, but having the option in one place would be best.

Quick question: if we are aiming to pay off our CC balances in full each month, is there any reason to include those accounts in this tool? I kind of like the ability to view the current balances in the tool without including them in the debt plan, but I was wondering if there was functionality to having them visible that I am missing.

@dmetiller I WISH this Easter egg theory were true :bear:

@robdog151 @Abu5217 the best way to experiment with different scenarios and see them all at once would yes be to install the Debt Payoff Planner multiple times. Each time just “Archive” the existing one so you don’t lose your work. If you go that route I recommend deleting unused sheets when you’re done planning because this one is pretty intensive and could slow your sheet down.

The other way would be just to play around with the Monthly Payoff Goal, Minimum Monthly Payments (you could set those to whatever you want) and the different payoff methods.

@Abu5217 to your last question, if you’re paying off balances in full I wouldn’t include them in this Debt Payoff Planner tool. It’s really intended just to help you get a handle on debt that will take longer to pay off. You can always review the Balance of those in the Balances sheet.

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All of our Credit Card accounts are not showing up in the Debt Planner. How do I troubleshoot this? Additionally we have more than one credit card issued by an institution, like Discover. Seems like the second card is being blocked?

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Also double check that these accounts are activate in the sheet via the checkbox on the left! (Step 7)