New reconcile transactions feature issue

The “reconcile transactions” feature worked ok a few days ago, but when I tried this morning, I had an issue. Under “tiller community solutions”, I clicked the “Reconcile transactions” menu item. It then brought up the summary page with the number of unreconciled transactions and the “date bracketing” setting. However, when I press the “search for matches” button, it goes “dim” but it doesn’t do anything.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is there something else up with my “transactions” sheet? Is there a limit on the number of lines in the sheet (currently have 4320)? Thanks…

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I’m seeing the exact same issue and an exception in the console on button click. It looks like there was an update on Jan 2nd that might’ve broken it.

I’m happy to report all is well this morning…seems to be working fine!

Our dev team addressed this issue in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.