Quick Navigation to Tiller Sheets

Being new to Tiller I have been adding various sheets. In doing so, it takes time to remember what sheets have been added and where they are at in the various tabs.

In an effort to help me navigate, I created a tab called “Menu” where I am linking each sheet. Here is my current setup.

If you are interested in doing something similar you can add the links by going to Insert > Link

From there, select Sheets and Named Ranges

At the next window, you can select the sheet you want to create a link so that you can navigate to that particular sheet.

It takes a little time to create links for all the sheets you have in the Tiller workbook but I personally have found this helpful to navigate to various sheets as I work within Tiller.

Hope this helps others in some small way.


This is a great idea Pete! Thanks for sharing.

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That’s a fun idea, @pete. You could also do that programmatically with the HYPERLINK() function.