Quickbooks online to Tiller just starting out

How do I get my transactions from Quickbooks online into CSV to import to Tiller?

@shrimax2 We don’t have a way to convert Quickbooks data int a CSV. You will likely need to reach out to Quickbooks support on how to generate a CSV with your transactions.

@randy you moved from Quickbooks, right? Any advice?

Oh wow. That was several years ago.
I’ve been doing my small-business books in a very powerful Tiller spreadsheet for a long time now. :wink:

It looks like there are some pointers on how to export from Quickbooks to a MSExcel format at this link. You should be able to ingest those tables using File / Import in a Google Sheet.

I’d recommend creating a new Tiller spreadsheet, @shrimax2, and then manually mapping your data into the Transactions sheet. Sorry we don’t have an importer yet. If you’re willing to share a little bit of your imported sheet, I may be able to whip up an importer (depending on how compatible the format is). I’d need the header row, one deposit and one withdrawal.

Good luck.