Real Estate Investments: Am I doing it right?

Hey everyone,

I bought an apartment and categorized the spending under “Home Improvements” but it is not an expense and it also does not reflect my actual net worth.

So I created a category “Real Estate” under a new group “Investments” as type “transfer”.

Am I doing it right?

Additionally, I plan to categorize my other investments such as stocks, funds, crypto, etc under the same “Investments” group, to keep everything simple.

But I’m just confused as how will I categorize the gains when I’ll sell some of the investments?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thankyou! :blush:

(I’ve just started using Tiller Money and I love it already.)

Regarding that real estate, you might want to create a manual asset for it on the Balance History tab and that will get it into your net worth. If you have a loan on it you might consider linking your mortgage account to Tiller. Same for your accounts that hold the other investments. Those are probably in brokerage accounts, right? You might consider entering your crypto as a manual asset like the real estate.

Assume you buy the real estate for $100,000 today and sell it for $250,000 in the future. Add it on Balance History today at $100,000. You can make subsequent entries in the future as the FMV increases if you want. When you sell for $250,000, you will get $250,000 of cash. You can code $150,000 as income and $100,000 as a transfer (non-taxable return of capital) which represents your cost basis.

If you want to track stock and fund gains and losses in Tiller, that will involve some work depending on what detail you want to see. You might ignore the gains and losses in retirement accounts since those are not taxable. Do you want to track each transaction? How often? You can use your monthly statements to help and/or the yearend 1099. It all depends what you want.

Crypto is on fire right now. Are you day trading or holding long term? You might consider a crypto portfolio tracker and a tax tracker if you have lots of activity. I have been playing with crypto for the last month and have learned tons. I would be interested in your crypto experiences if you are willing to share.

Please let me know if there is anything else.



Got it, adding these as manual assets makes sense. Is this the way to do it?

I don’t have any loan or mortgage account yet, and my brokerage accounts aren’t available for integration on Tiller Money (Yodlee).

I don’t plan to track stock and fund gains and losses in Tiller, want to keep the sheets simple and honestly the brokerage accounts do that job pretty well. I don’t have a retirement account as I’m self-employed, so I’m looking at similar options like Solo 401(k).

Regarding Crpyto, I’m a long-term holder (over 7 years) as day trading is not my cup of tea. I use Blockfolio along with some brokerage accounts, I generally have 2-3 transaction a month in crypto so not a ton of activity.

I personally don’t think that I’m experienced enough but I’ve been working with a Investing News Website for little over 3 years now so I’ve just followed their strategies which is to buy and hold. My portfolio mainly consists of BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and DOGE. I will always recommend anyone to be a long term holder, specially with BTC. This might convince,

Note: I’m 19 as of now and living in India, so I’ve no access to the amazing brokerage tools and investment plans offered in the USA, so just using Tiller to track my bank accounts for both business and personal finance in separate sheets. Because of my age, I’m not yet qualified for loans and credit cards (age limit 21), so it’s pretty much simple financing at this point.


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That link in the first row seems appropriate although I manually enter all of mine directly into the balance history tab myself.

I am amazed. You have a lot going for a 19 year old. You are a US citizen, right?

I looked at Blockfolio and many others and was not that impressed with any of them and most do not have free versions. What wallet do you use to store your crypto? I have Exodus and Trust Wallet. What exchange do you trade on? I have used Bitstamp but mostly Binance US. You should consider Binance. Binance is available outside the US so you may be able to access. It is the world’s biggest exchange by volume. You can research the internet for why Binance US was created. Binance offers tons more than Binance US.

Not sure when you bought ETH and DOGE but you have probably made a killing on those. You might check out BNB, LINK, SOL, XLM, LTC, and ADA. I would check out CoinMarketCap. I started playing with crypto last month. Short story, made $750 on $10,000 investment which is 7.50% over 26 days. Now all in cash until I decide on a strategy. Biggest success, bought DODE at 6 cents, held for 10 days, sold for 34 cents, price increase was over 500%, turned my $113 investment into $615, and now it is at 73 cents. Totally crazy. Crypto and Blockchain are the future and investing for the long term is probably the best.

Stay safe as I see Covid is terrible in India.


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Thanks, I’ll check if manual entry is easier for me or not.

No, I’m an Indian citizen and have never been to the US, although planning to visit by year end if things get normal as I’m looking into foreign real-estate investments around Florida, New Jersey and maybe in Philadelphia.

I use WazriX (India’s largest exchange) and Coinbase for trading, Ledger Nano phyiscal wallets for storing my coins.

WazirX has been acquired by Binance since 2019.

I have been holding ETH and BTC for very long time now, only bought DOGE back in February end for couple of hundred Tethers (USDT), I wish I had bought more but you get this feeling with every other booming coin. I’m even breaking my stocks and gold reserves and moving those funds to crypto.

Just added BNB, LINK, SOL, XLM, LTC, and ADA in my watchlist. CoinMarketCap is good but there has been number of cases when their reported price was incorrect. I will recommend you to look in CoinGecko as it is what I’m migrating to right now, it’s the most trusted & loved app in r/CryptoCurrency.

Thank you for your wishes, yes Covid has been terrible here specially where I live, the capital New Delhi. We’ve been in complete lockdown for about 3 weeks now and it’s expected to be extended for another few weeks.

I hope you’re safe & well too.


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I appreciate those links. Based on my research, that Ledger Nano is the best hardware wallet out there. Consider adding VET and FTM to the watch list. Since you are holding long term, have you looked into staking your coins?

As I have been learning about crypto over the last month, I have seen $1B and $1T numbers all over the place. I am trying to put crypto into perspective. The information below has allowed me to do that.



119T global bond market value
95T global stock market value
2.5T global crypto market value
138T annual global equity trading volume
84T annual global crypto trading volume
9.5T global gold market value
10.4T djia market cap
7.8B world population
1.4B china population
1.4B india population
333M usa population
2.2T market cap - apple
1.9T market cap - miscrosoft
1.7T market cap - amazon
1.6T market cap - alphabet (google) c
1.6T market cap - alphabet (google) a
905B market cap - facebook
647B market cap - tesla
233B market cap - intel
218B market cap - nike
1.1T market cap - bitcoin
441B market cap - ethereum
100B market cap - binance coin
88B market cap - dogecoin
55B market cap - xrp
189B net worth - jeff bezos, amazon
170B net worth - elon musk, tesla, space x
129B net worth - bill gates, microsoft
112B net worth - mark zuckerberg, facebook
100B net worth - warren buffet, berkshire hathaway
99B net worth - larry elllison, oracle
96B net worth - larry page, google
93B net worth - sergey brin, google
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