Shared / partially-owned assets

Hi absolute Newb here - I have some real estate (and also some brokerage accounts!) that I only own a fraction of - how should I set up assets together with expenses etc that only contributw a portion to my Net Worth?

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Could you provide a little more detail on the “own a fraction of” assets?

  1. For the real estate, is the fractional ownership due to still paying off a mortgage or joint ownership or some other situation?

  2. For the brokerage accounts, is the fractional ownership due to an oustanding loan within the accounts, etc…?

Thanks fehenger - both the real estate and brokerage accounts are jointly owned (in different proportions!)

Interesting question, @quaverquaver. It sounds like you are pulling the full asset values in to your Balance History sheet?

This is a new one… I don’t think there is an easy, out of the box solution for this that doesn’t involve some advanced formula modifications.

If it were me, I’d add a new column to the overrides section of the (hidden) Accounts sheet called “Ownership %”. I’d manually add a value for every partial account and then use formulas to default to 100% when none was provided. Then, I’d pull these “override” values into the formula driven hidden summary area of the Accounts sheet to the right (this would be a good place for the default to 100% if not provided formula). Then I would modify the hidden area of the Net Worth to apply the percent ownership from the Accounts summary data to all balances.

It’s not a small amount of work, but if you are handy I’m confident this is the right way to architect it.

Wow thanks for the detailed suggestion! I’ll give it a try !

It’s not trivial. Think of it like a fun adventure and let us know how it goes.