Selling Rental Property

I’m selling a rental property and I’m not sure how to deal with that in Tiller. I want the history to stay, but don’t want to continue to see it as an asset in Balances. I’ve searched and can’t find anything but I’m guessing this has been discussed. Can you point me to the right thread?

In the ‘Accounts’ sheet (which may be hidden) you can hide accounts. Find the account you want to hide in column A, and set column D to ‘Hide’. If you don’t see the account in column A, add it to a new row and then set column D.

OK, thanks. Will that keep the net worth history accurate? I assumed it excluded it from those calculations.

I would think it would be excluded, but I guess look at your net worth before you hide it, then see if there is a change.

When I hide the property in accounts, it takes out the value from the historical net worth amounts. I don’t want to see it on Balances anymore, since I don’t own it, but it seems the only way to do that is to hide it, and then I lose all of the history. I’m sure there’s a better way?

The current architecture only allows a global Hide which will remove the property from all balances related sheets (including Balances and Net Worth). The data will remain in your Balances History sheet, so nothing is “lost”… it is just being shown and hidden per that Hide toggle. You could consider hacking your Balances sheet to not show specific accounts (i.e. create a local hide in that one sheet).

Thanks Randy. I try not to touch those core reports so updates don’t break them!

I’ll just toggle the hide button when it’s bugging me!

A “hide going forward, but no the history” option would be nice!

Didn’t you change the Balance sheet to not show accounts with a $0 balance? I imagine once you sell your house, the balance on that would be $0, since the amount would be in your bank, not the property.


I love that idea. How do you do it?

If it’s not there already, check K3 (which should be your Sorted Assets account ID field), in the filter you should see indirect(Y16)<>0

My K3 looks like this: =iferror(sort(filter({INDIRECT(Y11),INDIRECT(Y12),INDIRECT(Y13)&if(isblank(INDIRECT(Y14)),""," ("&INDIRECT(Y14)&")"),today()-INDIRECT(Y15),Indirect(Y16)},indirect(Y17)="Asset",indirect(Y18)<>"Hide",indirect(Y16)<>0),2,true, 4, true, 3, true))

It should work for you as well, since I don’t think I did anything with my columns.


Well that was easy. Thanks!