Receive email notifications for responses to help forums

I would like to receive an email, when someone has responded to my post in the Community Help forum. At the bottom of each thread, I see where I can choose “Watching”, “Tracking”, etc. to change how I receive notifications on the Community Help dashboard, but I would like to also receive notifications via email. I looked all around in my Community Help profile, but I couldn’t find anywhere to setup such email notifications. Am I missing this setting somewhere?

Really odd. I do get emails when I get responses to posts. I’m not entirely sure if I et they every single time. Like you, however, I can not, for the life of me, find out where/how to toggle that on or off.

Hopefully someone will know and respond and we’ll both get emails!

That is strange @DannyD. Like @susandennis, I see plenty of email notifications when people post to threads that I’m active in. I assume you have checked in your user settings? I see many settings related to email and notifications in my settings, but I don’t see an obvious one that would make a difference. Is it possible the emails are getting intercepted by a spam filter or something?

I got an email of @randy 's reply… And it had a link to unsubscribe. So I went to look again and I’ll be damned… there it was, big as life. No clue why I didn’t see it before.

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