Daily Digest Emails

I recently began using Tiller - about 2 weeks ago. I signed up for the Daily Digest. I received the first one. The second never came so I messaged Support and the next day I received the expected Digest. However…long story short…it seems I am only receiving the Daily Digest emails on odd-numbered dates.

I’m’ wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

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@hg446 you are right. I just looked at mine as I noticed that since about September 21 it switched to an every other day email.

@heather were any changes made?

i have received an email every day in september except 19th and 22nd. B

I noticed no email yesterday, but I did get one today. So the every other day trend continues.

@heather Any update from Tiller support on this?

Just received a reply from Krista to my support ticket from this morning. My issue has been escalated to their engineers.

And, I did receive today’s digest, although much later than expected.

@richl, nothing specific at this time other than it is a known issue. I hope we can prioritize some energy into making those more reliable soon. It’s on our list, but I don’t have an ETA, and generally it just needs an overhaul vs a quick bandaid that why we haven’t put much attention on it.

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