Daily email summary reliability fixes ✉

Over the last few weeks many of you might have noticed delayed or missing daily email summaries. :email:

We’ve been working hard to fix it and make it more reliable. As of yesterday, Nov 16, 2020 you should see a consistently delivered daily email summary. Some of you may have received duplicates of the summary yesterday and today as we worked to push the new improvements live.

We believe this should have also addressed an issue where some customers’ account names were truncated in the email.

One thing you may also notice is that you’ll see transactions for all accounts you have connected to Tiller Money rather than only those accounts you have linked to a spreadsheet. This is intentional. If you’d prefer to have more control over which transactions get sent, please vote for this feature request and reply to it if you have other ideas for customizations/features that would make the daily email better for you.

Finally, if you notice that you don’t receive the daily email summary, and you have opted in to receive it, please let us know in a reply and we’ll investigate to see what’s still not quite working.

One customer confirmed this does not address “account names should also be using the nicknames you set on the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/google rather than the institution provided account name.”