Changing daily email to weekly and adding user to receive this

Hi all,

I searched for this but could not find an answer in previous questions.

I am looking to change the daily digest emails to weekly, as I feel like a weekly option would better fit what I am looking for. I wasn’t sure if this was possible, and did not see any obvious solution on searching.

Additionally, I was trying to find a way to add it so that my wife could also receive these emails, so she is a partner in our budgeting process. I also did not see any obvious way to do this, although I did consider trying to set up a filter in Gmail so that all emails from Tiller are forwarded to her. It’s a bit of a messy, imperfect solution, and thought someone on this forum might have a better idea.


Hi @jim1 We don’t currently have a way to add a second email for those messages, but you can add a vote for it as feature request in the Tiller Money Community.

For the time being, we recommend this workaround of creating an automatic forwarding rule:

As for choosing the frequency of your transaction digest email, you can also add a feature request here since we don’t currently offer that but I think it’s a good idea and something our other Tiller users might like.