Send daily email to another email address?

dear heather,

i hope you are well.

at long last my wife, petra langer, and i are starting to utilize tiller more efficiently.

question: how can we get the daily tiller “support” emails sent to petra as well as to me so that she can go in on a regular basis, open our budget spread sheet and review and categorize the past 24 to 36 hours of bank of america checking account transactions, the way i can? (the account is jointly in her and my names.)

please let us know, thank you in advance, and all the best.


Good question, @philaxten. Right now our subscriptions are only attached to a single email account. To send content to multiple accounts, you’d either need to create an email forwarding rule on the one account or using an account that sends to a distribution list of emails.

This is also true for signing in to the add-on to update account information and run fills. (We hope to implement delegate functionality some day to allow other authorized users.)

That said, you can certainly Share the budget spreadsheet with your wife and she will be able to see all of the data in the sheet and categorize data. (Again, she just won’t be able to sign into the add-on to perform its functions).

Hope this helps.

randy, hi. thank you for your note. i think i understand, but i am not positive.

so, the tiller spreadsheet i can find not only on tiller but also on the google drive on my computer, i can go to it on my mac and edit as i like, and when i share the spreadsheet with petra, she can go to it any time she likes and review and edit the most recent version?

Yes. Sorry if that is unclear but the spreadsheet is available just like any other Google Drive document you own. The console just provides a shortcut to it. Feel free to click share and to make your wife an editor and she can open it directly with the link. Hope this helps.