Retirement Planner Spreadsheet for Excel

I see the Google Sheets version allows you to import a Retirement Planning worksheet into your Foundation Template. I’m wondering if the same functionality exists for the Excel version?

Sorry, @zacharyjdorman, but there are still some templates (like the Retirement Planner) that have not been built out for Excel.

Bummer! Are there plans to build out those templates? I suppose the other option is to convert from using Excel to Google Sheets?

I’m sorry to say that the truth is that there are no plans to build those out at this time.

If retirement planning workflows are central to what you are trying to do in your Tiller sheet, I’d recommend giving Sheets a try. With your subscription, you can concurrently fill Sheets and Excel spreadsheets with the transactions and balances since you started your subscription. The only hassle will be migrating your categorized data.