Retirement Planner Template Change Cash Flow Forecast Date Range


I notice that the cash flow forecast in the Retirement Planner template (such as cell N25) is displaying cash flow from Jan to Dec, making the Investments End of Year number inaccurate. Can that be changed? For example, it is March right now so is there a way to display cash flow from 3/2021 to 12/2021 on cell N25?

Thank you!

Hi @roger.chu91 ,

The cash flow forecast is designed to look at your annual cash flow. It uses this annual number as a base to calculate future years. If you only count a shorter budget period, your future year calculations may not be based on accurate information.

However, this date range can be overridden in the hidden part of the Cash Flow forecast sheet. The Start and End Months for the initial Budget calculations are editable in cells AF5 and AF6. See the notes about the Date Range Priority in AE13.

Note that if you pick a time frame that’s less than 12 months, the Cash Flow sheet will annualize the budget for a 12 month period, so it matches future full years. I guess you could remove the annualizing calculation by setting AF9 to 1. But I’m not sure that will make your projections accurate.

Does this help?


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