Savings Budget - modify / adjust budget for just a specific month

Thank you up front for your help.

From my understanding - on the Savings Budget to move money around from one “envelope” to another you use the - adjust- budget - minus from one item and add to another - run script.

In the webinar demonstration, when one adjusts a budget to move money around in one particular month it only affects the budget of THAT ONE MONTH. However, in reality it seems to adjust the budget from that month on into the future. Which, if you do that to several envelopes gets confusing (and tedious) in the next month, and so on.

I understand the formula in categories sheet is “=the cell before it” so it auto populates into the future. But in the demonstration video it only changes that months amount, and it specifically mentions that it doesn’t affect the future months budgets.

Is there any way for this to work the way it was intended? To be able to move money from one line to another line budget in just that particular month without changing the actual base budgets forever.
Is the only solution to “hard code” it in by going to categories and manually adjusting the budget? (aint nobody got time for that)

Am I missing something? Because Savings Budget (an envelope system) is what I’m most interested in. And since I read they removed the other one, if this doesn’t work then I probably won’t keep using tiller, even though I like it so far.

(I also can’t figure out the debt part of the Savings & Debt sheet but that’s another post.)

I think the easiest option would be to remove the formula that is in the category amount field on the categories sheet. This will allow the sheet to change only the current months values

Also if you like envelopes take a look at the envelope template that I built called ultimate envelopes