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Hello, Community! New (Envelope Budget) user here… and am super excited about learning how it all works.

I’m have a bit of trouble signing in - and staying signed in - to different parts of Tiller. For example, I am signed in now to the Community. But if open a new browser tab and attempt to go to, for example, the Tiller Labs page it shows that I am not signed in. So, OK, I then sign in again… but am redirected to my Console. OK, so I’m signed in now?? Not quite. I then open another new tab and try to go to Tiller Labs, and guess what, not signed in. Sign in again, and again am taken to my Console. This can go on ad nauseum.

Can anyone help out with this? I’m using MS Edge.


I would make sure you’re not signed in to other Google Accounts in the browser? Try an incognito browser session or a dedicated Google Chrome profile.

More on that here…

Thanks, Warren! I’ve just made the switch to access my Tiller sheets using Chrome (instead of MS Edge) and things are working smoothly.

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