Spending Trends Sheet Not Populating

My Spending Trends sheet has stopped populating transactions. There are no visible errors, and the assets/liabilities/net worth totals are correct. Everything else is $0, regardless of the date period I choose. This was working previously and I can’t think of anything I have done out of the ordinary since. I have tried updating the template.

FYI - your title says “Pending” when it appears you intended “Spending”.

So, only the amount is incorrect, the groups and categories are populating?

I believe the sheet is designed to handle Transactions/Categories/Accounts sheet column rearranging, but if somehow say the Transactions sheet Amount column was renamed to something different than Amount that might be a reason for the $0’s. :thinking:

Thanks Mark, I have corrected the thread title. Here is what the sheet looks like:

I guess I would double-check your Transactions sheet has the correctly named Date, Amount, Category columns.

And if you are feeling adventurous, unhide the helper columns after column W on the Spending Trends sheet to look for clues. :grimacing:

Thanks. I ended up deleting and re-installing…

Did reinstalling resolve the issue, @gdwoods?

Generally though, @mark.s’s advice is excellent. If a template breaks, the first thing I do is unhide the hidden area and look for a broken formula… then start chasing down its references.

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Yes, it resolved the issue