Statements Data Validation error on only one account

I have installed Statements and all of my accounts are able to be selected … except one checking account. It is throwing a data validation error…but only on that one account. All other accounts are able to be selected as expected. Here is a 30 second screencast that indicates the issue I am experiencing .
TillerStatementsIssue - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast
Thank you for your help

Thanks for the video. Really helpful!
This issue is indeed confusing.

Two things seem like possibilities to me:

  1. There is a hidden character (e.g. a leading or trailing whitespace) missing from the account number that doesn’t match up. It is possible that the whitespace change is in the account name throughout your spreadsheet or just within the data validation line item.
  2. That account seems to be the only one that is all numbers. When cell contents contain even a single non-numeric character, they are recognized as text. I wonder if the data validation is related to the account not being text. It would take a little work to change the account name first in the console (for future data pulls) then bulk rename throughout your spreadsheet but this might help also. (You might also try formatting the entire column E as text.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks Randy. I’m renaming now.