Statements Sheet - Account Name not showing up in dropdown


I cannot seem to get the Statements add-on sheet to load the Account name. Right now both the Statements and Statement Details sheets are blank. When I choose Account name nothing shows up to select. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

On my Transactions tab I have a Statement column but there’s no data in it. There is a drop down arrow next to the cells but no options to select.

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Hi there,

You should be able to select your account from the dropdown in column D labeled “Account Column”. This column is highlighted in green. You will also need to input your statement end date in column C labeled “Statement Date”. Once this information has been entered, Columns A/B should automatically populate your Statement Name. You can then begin reconciling transactions related to your statement period in the transactions sheet under the Statement column.

Hi Warren and thank you. Unfortunately my accounts are not showing up in the Account Column drop down. I’m not sure why.

I am having this same problem. I have tried deleting the sheets and then adding them again, and the accounts still don’t show in the dropdown. Help!

@randy do you have ideas on this one? Should they try restoring Accounts sheet? What are things we should check for the accounts not showing in the dropdown on the Statements sheet?

One thing @faithit777 @renee373 can you share the version that’s installed of the Statements sheet. Click on “About solution” in the Labs add-on while you have the Statements sheet selected and this will tell you the version that’s installed.

A few things to check:

  • Confirm you’re expecting the Accounts to show up in D3:D, not A3:B, right? The labels are a little confusing, but columns A & B serve the purpose of creating a unique identifier for the statement; they are not for selecting the account name.
  • Unhide columns M:V by clicking on the hide icon in the column L header. Confirm that you see your accounts listed in P3:R.
  • Confirm that the Accounts sheet range references are working in V3:V7.

If all of those checks look ok, the issue is likely in your Accounts sheet. To check that sheet, unhide columns E:T by clicking on the hide icon in the column D header. In the range F2:Q, you should see all of your accounts listed.

These steps walk you upstream through the data flow. I’m curious to hear where the process is breaking down.

Thanks for your patience, @renee373 and @faithit777.