Suddenly, Tiller data fill tab not appearing in MS Excel

When opening up my MS Excel Tiller spreadsheet, then clicking on the Data function, the Tiller Feeds fill tab does not appear in the right side panel. Unable to update spreadsheet

Sorry if this is a silly question, but after clicking the “Data” Ribbon, are you clicking the Tiller Money button to open the task pane?

If that button isn’t there, you should check the add-in button from the “Home” Ribbon, and re-install the add-in if necessary:

Thanks for the information. As it turns out, I had to sign back into my Microsoft account. Once I did that, the Tiller add-in functions just fine. Of course, I’m not knowing why this happened, but if it happens again I have a fix in place.

Glad to hear you ran this to ground, @kipmeister. Thanks for sharing the solution.