Template for tracking spending and budgeting

I’m considering returning to Tiller after an absence of a couple of years. I came across this old thread, which sounds like something I’m looking for How much can I spend today? | Cash Flow, Budget, Bills, Debt, and Savings Tracker with Projections | Alexandra Wilson, CFP® | 2019 Tiller Builders Challenge
However, the template is no longer available.
What I’m looking for is something similar to YNAB, that allows me to see how much money I will have in each spending category. I am going to try and live on my salary (instead of dipping into savings) and I’m having a tough time with YNAB. I’ve been using Mint the last couple years.


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I wonder if the Savings Budget sheet is what you are looking for. I’m only a month into using Tiller myself, but the Savings Budget has probably become my favorite Tiller sheet and I think it does what you’re describing (if I understand you correctly).

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I took a look, and I think that would do the trick. Thanks!

Let us know how it works out for you, @sandral18706.