Tiller add-on Envelope Budget: "No Budget Created" Message

I haven’t seen that before, @mlux. My guess is that you need to run the “Analyze Budgets History” workflow from the add-on menu to ensure you have a budget in place for the selected period.

The formula in F8 looks like this:
=iferror(if(Y9>=X9,text((Y9-X9)/Y9,"0%")&" of expense budget remains ","Expense budget overage ")&"("&IF(AND(today() >= Q2, today() < Q3), datedif(today(),Q3,"D"), "no")&" days left period)","No budget created")

Essentially, the “No budget created” message appears when there is an error in any part of the preceding formula. So, maybe there is are numbers that can’t be rendered to TEXT() in X9 or Y9 or maybe there is a value in Q3 that can’t be rendered to a date in DATEDIF().

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