Tiller add-on Envelope Budget: "No Budget Created" Message

For some reason my Monthly Budget Dashboard for December is giving me a “no budget created” message instead of displaying the expense budget overage or remaining. (It’s working fine for previous months. And yes, I do have amounts budgeted this month.)

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.32.32 AM Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.32.53 AM

I checked the formula but I can’t figure out where things have gone wrong. Is this an issue you’ve seen before?

I haven’t seen that before, @mlux. My guess is that you need to run the “Analyze Budgets History” workflow from the add-on menu to ensure you have a budget in place for the selected period.

The formula in F8 looks like this:
=iferror(if(Y9>=X9,text((Y9-X9)/Y9,"0%")&" of expense budget remains ","Expense budget overage ")&"("&IF(AND(today() >= Q2, today() < Q3), datedif(today(),Q3,"D"), "no")&" days left period)","No budget created")

Essentially, the “No budget created” message appears when there is an error in any part of the preceding formula. So, maybe there is are numbers that can’t be rendered to TEXT() in X9 or Y9 or maybe there is a value in Q3 that can’t be rendered to a date in DATEDIF().

Please consider upgrading to the newer Savings Budget template. It is a leaner & meaner version of the envelope budget you are using. It’s easier, more performant, and updated to our latest best practices.

I didn’t realize there was a newer template! Thanks for suggesting it – I’ll definitely make the switch.

Meanwhile, I’ll try Analyze Budgets History again or see if I can find where the problematic values somehow crept in. Thanks!!

Glad to hear you’re interested in the switch. Be sure to read through the top of the Savings Budget wiki to make sure there are no critical features you will be missing.

Improvements you’ll find from the Savings Budget:

  • Significantly improved performance
  • Most work performed by transparent, in-cell calculations (rather than add-on scripts)
  • Improved compatibility with the Foundation template and Tiller Money’s tools and workflows
  • Optionally enable rollovers for none/some/all categories
  • Budget & savings change history logging in the Budget Journal sheet

Simplifications from the Envelope Budget (i.e. deprecated functionality):

  • Only monthly periods allowed - no weekly/biweekly budgets
  • Budget periods must start on the first of the month
  • Only one savings budget allowed per spreadsheet
  • No period-to-period “Rollover-To” assignments
  • Budget and rollover changes in the Adjust column are no longer implemented immediately

I think the new sheet is a big upgrade and use it personally.