Tiller Community Solutions Roundup 9/27/21 - Totals Option on P&L Reports

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Profit & Loss Reports

Users have been requesting an option to include totals in the popular Profit & Loss Report. Note the new option at the bottom of the P&L report configuration pane.

Take it for a spin and let me know what you think.


Amazing! Thank you @randy

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I agree - just tried this report for the first time and it works great.

If you could add in investment gains/losses, that would be even more amazing. I hope that is something you are looking at.


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Is that request regarding the Holdings beta, @jpkica?

I’m happy to hear the totals are working and helpful for you.

I was not aware of the Holdings beta - I would love to learn more and try it out if possible.


We don’t have holdings data publicly available right now. You can join the beta waitlist here.

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