P&L Report Totals Misaligned

The report appears to be limited to 12 data periods, which is causing a problem when checking the box “Include Totals”. It’s shifting custom footer data (added to the Report Template: P&L) in Column O to Column P and custom data in Column P to Column Q. The P&L table is correct, but your custom footer rows have a gap in column O.

Bizarre, @JD7. I’m not able to reproduce this.
What settings are you using? Mine looks normal when I run it for “Last 12 Months”.

I don’t think it will make a difference, but can you try unhiding then deleting the sheet called Report Template: P&L? A new version will be installed the next time you execute the workflow.


  • I deleted the template and ran again and the issue was still present.
  • I was using the Custom date period and tried changing to Last 12 Months and it didn’t fix the problem.

For example, below is my template with custom data in row 8. I also tried row 7, which gets deleted on creation of the P&L report and I tried adding rows, but the result was the same as data in row 8.



Using settings

P&L Setting