Total and Average columns missing from Profit & Loss reports

Last time I generated a P&L for current YTD or any previous year with Money Labs tools, it included columns for both the period total and average. Today, these appear to be missing from any generated P&L.

Hi @isskewl,

Is it possible that you added those as custom rows/columns to the P&L after you generated it?

I don’t think either of those were ever standard in the P&L.

When you generate a new one it overwrites the existing one.

You can unhide the P&L template sheet (View menu > Hidden sheets) and customize the P&L so that it always includes those details when you generate a new one.


Hmm…I must have added them myself. I had several archived P&Ls that I had been referencing the past months. I had not generated a new one until the other day. I must have just forgotten editing those columns in.
I don’t see a way to edit the output of the P&L generator in that hidden sheet. It seems like I would need to edit the script that runs. It’s a bit beyond my skill level. Thanks for your help.

Hi @isskewl,

I’d recommend mocking it up in a generated report and then just add the columns you need and copy the formulas from that sheet into the P&L template.