Tiller Connection Issue

None of my banks are connecting to download transactions. Is it just me? Should I try any troubleshooting or try to wait this out? Today is the first day this has been an issue.

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I am seeing Institution Alerts on a few of my accounts today, more than usual.

I also am not getting anything to sync.

Wow, didn’t know about this.

Chase is down until an ETA of July 1st?!

That is wild. Essentially removes the complete value proposition of Tiller for me for almost an entire month.

Those ETAs don’t seem very accurate for most people and often times the issues are not wide-spread affecting everyone.

I use Chase, and it’s working fine. I cannot imagine such a big bank being down
for even 24 hours, much less more than 2 weeks. I suggest you call them and see if you can get your password changed ASAP or some help from Chase. Sounds suspicious.