Technical error connecting to my bank for >2 days

Tiller is pretty expensive to have outages like this. why is it so hard to maintain back connections?

That is a great question. It involves the intricacies of how financial institutions connect to Yodlee and then how Yodlee connects to Tiller. I suspect those intricacies involve data management and engineering issues that are well beyond most of our expertise. I would guess, however, that a substantial part of the problem is an absence of uniform standards on how financial data is managed by institutions. So, an institution changes something, and it breaks their connection to Yodlee. Or vice versa. With thousands of institutions, you could see how things could go haywire. This is part of the reason why we should all be hoping that more and more institutions adopt Open Banking standards, which are meant to facilitate our access to our financial data through platforms like Tiller.

Improving their data feeds is the #1 priority for 2024.