Connected Accounts: Why do they disconnect so often?

Every time that I launch the regular Tiller Money Feed, I ALWAYS see that some of my financial institutions need my attention under Connected Accounts. This issue is the most annoying thing about Tiller. In fact, I mentioned it in the survey. Why does it happen over and over and over?!? I fix the institution links and things are fine for the rest of the day. However, when I go back the next day, I have the same or additional links that need attention. Why can’t Tiller just keep the links connected? Honestly, I love Tiller. However, if there was a competitor out there that did similar things without this annoyance, it wouldn’t take much for me to try them. Am I doing something wrong?

For example:
Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 8.16.32 PM


You could start from the console page - . Often accounts there will give you more information. Maybe try refreshing each of your accounts there and checking for error messages or more information. It’s possible that you may be hitting a 2 factor authentication situation or some other credential issue.

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This is not a Tiller-specific problem, but a Yodlee (data provider) problem. Many of the institutions that Yodlee partners with have strict limits on their APIs that result in the need to manually refresh, reenter credentials and 2FA codes, etc. Many of the larger institutions are adopting the new Open Banking API and Yodlee has been rolling out support for these institutions. In my experience, any institutions that have adopted the new API are much more reliable in their daily refreshes. Check out the Faster, more reliable data feeds with open banking are here thread for more details. Here are other announcements regarding supported institutions, as well:

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Is it reasonable to assume this is why PayPal has to be refreshed almost every time I log onto tiller? If so, are their plans to support open banking for it? By the way, this is in general great - I’ve gone over the past 2 years from having 3 accounts that needed frequent refreshing, to now just PayPal.

I have to agree. I get financial security measures but coming from money for excel, that used a different engine, i did not need to do the 2FA every time. Now USAA doesnt seem to work at all with this system which is a real shame but my major accounts are there.