Charles Schwab Open Banking Support Coming for Tiller Money

Originally published at: Charles Schwab Open Banking Support Coming for Tiller Money

Tiller Money will soon support open banking for Charles Schwab accounts, providing customers even greater security and control of their account connections.

Just a heads up that Schwab is giving an error when switching to open banking: “This function is temporarily unavailable. Please try again at a later time.”

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon!

Thanks for the note @RachelB. Sounds like using an incognito browser worked for you?

Hi, what are the benefits of open banking?
I’m still getting ramped up on Tiller, but I noticed a couple things in particular about my Schwab accounts:

  1. I had entered manual transactions last night for reconciliation. The transactions downloaded today after I upgraded my connection. Once I went to reconcile, nothing happened. I realized the account number in the transactions tab were different. The manual transactions entered an account number ending with 4 digits (ie xxxxxx1234) whereas today’s transaction ended in 3 digits ( ie xxxxxxx234) .I copied the new account number to the reconciliation transactions and it was able to find them.
  2. The second one, I had hoped would be a fix of open banking. I want to make sure my transactions are 100% matching to my bank. I’ve just started toying with this the last two days. But what I noticed tonight is that balances and transactions aren’t currently matching and not all cleared transactions immediately download. I went to tillerhq and clicked on the refresh button to make sure everything was up-to-date. Then I updated in the sheet. It downloaded 0 transactions and 4 balances. The balances match my most recent cleared bank account balance. However, the transactions that make up that balance were never downloaded. To paint this scenario a little clearer, let’s pretend I was starting from scratch with no data. I clicked update and my balance updated from $0 to $100 but there were no transactions downloaded. So my transaction register doesn’t match my bank balance. I’m assuming the missing transactions will download tomorrow. But I don’t have a lot confidence in my budget if the data doesn’t match and it’s pretty frustrating.

Hi @mgulbin,

We have a pretty good write up here on open banking and the expected benefits:

Given that the connection with Schwab is new there could be some hiccups we need to contact our data provider to work out.

Did they download? Are things working a bit more reliably now a few days later?