Now supporting open banking connections for Chase


Just a quick note to let everyone know as of today we’re now supporting open banking connections for Chase. Per the announcement a couple weeks ago, open banking is a new secure industry standard that makes data feeds to Tiller Money faster and more reliable.

You can read the full announcement here.

If you have Chase accounts

  1. Visit the Console at
  2. Click “Connection > Edit credentials” next to Chase
  3. Follow the prompts to “update” your connection.

If you have any issues, review the troubleshooting guide here.

Affected sites and cards serviced by Chase:

Chase Cards (formerly First USA)
Chase (aka WaMu)
Blanchard Visa Card
America Online Visa Card
Austin Peay Visa Card
Buffalo State College Visa Card
Cal State Northridge Visa Card
Cal State Sacramento Visa Card
Central Washington University Visa Card
Citadel Visa Card
Cornell Visa Card
Community Credit Union Visa Card
Green Point Bank Visa Card
Yahoo! Visa Card
Individual Investor Visa Card
Lehigh Visa Card
NC State Visa Card
National Discount Brokers Visa Card
Northwestern University Visa Card
Ohio University Visa Card
San Jose State Visa Card
Southwest Airlines Visa Card
University of Arizona Visa Card
University of Maryland (College Park Visa Card)
University of Memphis Visa Card
Web Street Visa Card
York Federal Visa Card
World Master Card Visa Card
FNANB Online Visa Card
ALIANT Bank Credit Cards
Home Shopping Network
AARP Visa Card
Armed Forces Credit Card
Marriott Rewards Visa Card
Chase Amazon Visa
Chase United Mileage Plus Card

What if I don’t have he option to update?

If your “edit credentials” screen doesn’t look like the one below and offer the option to “update” it likely means you’re still on the older integration with our data provider or you can reach out to our team via chat to ask. If you’re interested in early access workflows for migrating to the newer integration, please fill out this form


This worked perfectly for me. Great job


Worked great for me! Thanks Heather and team - I’m super excited about the move to OAuth.


Yay! So glad to hear it was a smooth transition for you both @vprasad217 and @richl. We’re super psyched about open banking too!

i have both chase and citi along with others and i am finding the two working directly are, indeed, working more quickly from the console refresh. very nice.

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I would be curious to know how often the automated refreshes happen. They should be completely automatic and not require you to manually refresh on the Console - though there could still be a 36 hour delay in between refreshes but I don’t know that and would expect them to be more frequent.

So great to hear the positive feedback from all of you using Citi and Chase with our new open banking interfaces. We here at Tiller Money couldn’t be more excited to be diving into open banking!

no issues, what is the advantage to open banking. Why is everyone so happy abut this?

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Faster More Reliable Feeding!

For many it removes the pain of having to re-authenticate every day with a one time code sent via email or text message. Chase was rolling out enforcement of this 2FA requirement for all customers in phases starting at the beginning of Oct so we got it flipped over to open banking in the nick of time! It’s also a more secure authentication mechanism because you’re not giving your username and password to a (trusted) 3rd party since it’s a direct connection to the bank. It should be more reliable too, less prone to outages and connection errors.

I last checked my accounts (with manual refresh) on Saturday morning. 48 hours ago. Chase says it last updated 21 hours ago and Citi says 6 hours.

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I have two Chase cards. One updated as described, the other did not. I’ve gone back into my Chase account, both accounts are selected, and yet I still have only one account updating.

What are my options now?

There were several days plus a weekend in between my two Chase cards converting. One did last Thursday (or maybe Wednesday) and the other did this morning (Monday).

Good to know. I’ll be patient. Thanks so much for your response.

Linda Kennedy

:wave: @ljkconifer!

if you’re still having issues getting Chase working properly, please reach out to us directly via the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at and we can help you get it working.

I was wondering if or when there is going to be Oauth for Canadian banks?