Tiller Money Labs Roundup 11/19/2020 - Debt Planner + UX Refactoring

Our Tiller Money Labs team is working to keep you efficient, inspired, and enabled with financial templates, tools and workflows. In our Tiller Money Labs Roundups, we keep you updated on our latest features and sheets.

Debt Planner

Yesterday, we published the new Debt Planner template, a streamlined refresh of the old Debt Progress template. The new version boasts performance improvements, improved integration with Tiller Money budgeting, and no add-on dependencies when recalculating (the Tiller Money Labs add-on must be installed for the original version to recalculate).

The Debt Planner template helps you build a comprehensive debt payoff plan to help you achieve debt freedom. You can use a variety of payoff prioritization methods to build your plan including “snowball”, “avalanche” or a custom ranking method which allows to to rank your debts in the order in which you’d like them to be paid off.

Long-time Debt Progress users are under no obligation to migrate. At this time, the two sheets can be run in parallel. We encourage new users to use the Debt Planner version.

You can find and install this new template using the Add a Solution feature in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

UX Refactoring

This week, we published a substantial under-the-hood update to the Tiller Money Labs add-on to improve performance and security.

Please let us know if you notice any features or tools not working as you’d expect and we will do our best to get to them fixed as quickly as possible.


Does this sheet work if you are using an envelope budget or do you need to use the Foundation budget sheet? I installed and tried to set it up, but cells didn’t populate as expected?

Which cells didn’t populate? I would expect them to work well together. Is your budget in your category sheet?

My budget is not in the category sheet. There isn’t a budget column in the category sheet in the envelope budget, I used the Monthly Budget Dashboard. I did see in the directions where it said to enter amounts in the budget column. Since I don’t have one, I just assumed the sheet wouldn’t work for people using the envelope budget. Attached is a screen shot of what I’m seeing on the page.

Now I understand, @batonking, that you’re talking about the Envelope Budget in the Tiller add-on rather than the new (envelope) Savings Budget

The Debt Planner solution will integrate well with the newer Savings Budget. It does not currently have hooks to pull in monthly budget amounts from the Envelope Budget. The sheet should function fine if you just use the “Additional $” cell to set your available debt-paydown funding… you will only miss out on the template pulling in your budget amounts in the “November Budget” column and the “Tot Nov Budget” row in the header.