Tiller's Template Builder's Reference

Over the years, our team at Tiller has thought a lot about how to build templates that are intuitive, helpful, performant, inspiring, and easy to integrate. We’ve received years of feedback from users and have adapted and improved how we, the Tiller Labs team, builds.

We had collected these learnings and best practices in an internal document called the Template Builder’s Reference. As we see interest within this community of users sharing their templates and workflows with other users, we have decided to share this living document:

Template Builder’s Reference

We hope this resource helps you build for yourself— and for others— and share new finance tools and workflows.

Randy, Jon and the Tiller Labs team

P.S. Don’t forget to let us know how to keep making the Template Builder’s Reference better.

Good info here on best practices and how Tiller sheets work.

Every new customer should be directed here. I have struggled with the Foundation sheet for 5 days before coming across this jewel. Please make it a new customer recommended read.