Too Many Solutions

Still fairly new to Tiller and still working through how to configuring the solutions to my liking but do have a quick question. How do I “uninstall” a solution that I no longer want? Is it as simple as deleting the tab of the worksheet? Is there any downside to doing so?

Use case: As I was familiarizing myself with Tiller, I installed 12+ solutions but no longer need 6+ of them. They are still tabs within my worksheet and when I got to Tiller Money Labs --> Manage Solutions; they show as installed.

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Yes just delete the sheet. Goodluck.

Delete for sure. I sometimes get crafty with a particular solution and screw it all up. I delete and re-add, all is forgiven.

BUT, sounds like a neat trick for you would be the one I use… HIDE TAB! Right click on any tab and select Hide. It stays in play (is updated) but just out of view. I generally keep 3 or 4 tabs active and hide the rest until I need them.

To UNHIDE, just click on that stack on horizontal lines to the left of the tabs and pick the one you want.

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Hiding is awesome for sheets you know you want to use and periodically or regularly unhide and then hide - helps with tab clutter.

Don’t recommend this approach for tabs that you aren’t using regularly or don’t plan to use at all as it will slow your sheet down due to the calculations which happen in the background - even for hidden sheets.

Deleting the tab is perfectly fine.

A few things to keep in mind are whether or not another sheet has a dependency on a sheet you’re deleting.

If you delete the Accounts sheet (which is default hidden and comes standard in the Foundation template) it will blow up a lot of other sheets.

The Yearly Budget sheet needs the Monthly Budget sheet (both standard in the Foundation template) to work.

Those are the main gotchas to be aware of.

Additionally, most sheets can be restored via Tiller Money Labs > Manage Solution if you accidentally delete one that’s “upstream” of another. Though the order of restore is important. If you deleted Accounts and it broke Balances for example you’d want to re-add Accounts and then restore Balances to get it back in working order because Balances is “downstream” of Accounts.

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly creative you can BYO.

Just type into your Google Chrome browser (pro tip: make sure you’re logged into your Tiller Money subscribed Google Account in the browser profile itself) to start a new blank sheet. Launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on in this blank sheet, link it to your Console, and feed it with some account data. Then Launch Tiller Money Labs and start layering on the solutions.


I love hiding sheets!

A key thing I think about when deciding to hide vs delete is if I had to input data to make it work such as on the “Statements” sheet, or if it gets everything it needs from other sheets such as the “Category Tracker” sheet.

The same things to consider when upgrading a solution and deciding to “archive” or “overwrite.”

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