Transaction Sheet - Adding Columns with Drop Downs

Hello All! Boy I am needy lately. :slight_smile:

In the Excel Foundation Template, certain sheets contain column dropdowns (Categories, Hide Reports)

Without breaking anything, can I add a Column & Dropdown to the Transactions Sheet?
For Example, I would like to add a few columns.

STATUS - COLUMN with Dropdown

  • ASK (Spouse or Accountant)
  • DONE (Reconciled - Nothing to Worry About)
  • FOREIGN (WTG for Currency Exchange Amount)

RECEIPT - COLUMN with Dropdown

  • N/A (Auto Withdrawal Payment)
  • Missing (Get on Spouses Butt to Give Me Receipts)
  • Yes (Digital Copy Saved)

Oops. Almost Forgot. If I can do this, will I be able to Add the Status and Receipt Columns to AutoCat?
To Do This - Example - For payments automatically coming out of my account, on the AutoCat Sheet:

  • Enter DONE in the STATUS Column
  • Enter N/A in the RECEIPT Column

Thank you in advance!

Yes, you can add columns as long as the names are different than the original columns. It’s probably safest to add them between existing columns instead of at the edges. At the edges they might not get included in the existing table, which could be problematic. I haven’t used the Excel versions AutoCat, but I believe it should work with any columns.

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Awesome. Thank you for the quick reply. I am soooo excited.

BTW. Thank you for doing all of the extra work that you do for all of us, with your awesome community solution templates! :smiley: