Transactions "Fill" Creates Duplicates Every Time & Shows


Everytime I fill the transactions, Tiller adds duplicate rows and I get this error:
Screenshot 2024-03-03 100131

Update Failed

Failed to update Transactions with Error: “Exception: Service Spreadsheets failed while accessing document with id [the tiller sheet id here].

Review this troubleshooting guide to fix the error and then click Continue and try updating your sheet again.

This is what the behavior looks like:

I have added columns to this transactions tab. I have been running Tiller for years now with extra columns without any issues… however I added a couple more about a week ago which I think is causing this issue. So I think the fill function is not determining the proper range.

I have the following columns:

  1. blank - tiller logo
  2. Date
  3. Description
  4. Category
  5. Amount
  6. Tags
  7. Account
  8. Account #
  9. Institution
  10. Month
  11. Week
  12. Transaction ID
  13. Account ID
  14. Check Number
  15. Full Description
  16. Metadata
  17. Date Added
  18. Categorized Date
  19. Amount Normalized
  20. Key
  21. Key Normalized
  22. Change Date Hide
  23. Type
  24. Group
  25. Return Count
  26. Return Check Date
  27. AMZ Order #
  28. AMZ ASIN
  29. AMZ Category

How can I fix this issue? It is wreaking havoc on my transactions sheet!

Thank you for any suggestions.

How long has it been happening?
Just curious if you’ve tried some of the basic refresh browser tab, reboot computer type things?

For debug, maybe try File > Make a copy, launch Tiller Money Feeds from the copy, link accounts, and fill.
Same issue?
If so, in the copy, remove the columns you recently added, and fill - same issue?
If that fixes it, in the copy, add back columns until fill breaks, trying to narrow it down.

The Type column made me think of this older issue where naming the column Category Type fixed it (assuming the column is the Category Type and not Account Type). This was with Manual Transactions and not filling data, so it might not be related to your issue, but just wanted you to be aware of it.

Very weird… the “Type” was not the issue, I tried the copy sheet and it worked… I wound up unlinking the sheet then relinking it to tiller. It filled all transactions from 2019 - luckily I added color to the dates before the fill so I could determine what was original. I deleted all the new filled transactions and filled again and it seems to work now…

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Nice! I think you could have just continued to use the copy and unlinked the original to have it as a backup.

I’ve seen other cases where making a copy seems to clear something from the file or system that causes issues with fill, but the copy still does maintain the data watermark in the sheet’s developer metadata to fill data where you last left off.