Transition tracker sorting

I just updated my version of the Transition Tracker and now the transactions are coming in with the oldest date first. How can I tweak it to get latest first?

If you’re referring to the Transaction Tracker from Solutions, there should be an option to switch from ASC to DESC. Should be H6.

OMG!!! Look at those amazing options!!

My sidebar has been hiding them all this time. New process step. KILL SIDEBAR AFTER FILL.

Screenshot 2023-05-24 7.41.20 AM

Thank you and thanks for all the new goodies. I’ll be slicing and dicing my data all morning!

(And yeah, I do get that I have now used up my ! quota. But, worth it.)

Thanks! Don’t forget to check out the little + over column I for even more “fun” features. One thing I didn’t test is if the Tag works well with multiple tags. It should be able to find one tag within a multiple tagged transaction, but I don’t really use multiple tags. The Note is a “contains” so it should find any text within the Note field.

holy magoly. Thanks for that tip. I’d have never figured out that one - it needs a big red arrow.

My now favorite tab has just raised the bar. Thank you so much for creating it and for making it better and better and better.

And for patiently pointing out what I should have found without help :slight_smile:

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