Update available notification in Tiller Money Feeds

Yesterday we pushed an update to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to give you a notification in the sidebar when an update is available. It’s a simple change we hope will help customers understand when they need to click “update sheets” to pull new data into their Google Sheets.

Since the timing of a refresh can vary widely by institution these refreshes can happen after Tiller Money Feeds has tried to automatically update your sheet with new data.

Right now, it will alert you when you launch the add-on, but will not magically appear on it’s own if an update comes available while you have the add-on open (e.g. if you’re also on the Console refreshing accounts in a separate browser tab). We hope to make that improvement in the future.

Let us know if you have feedback or encounter any issues with this new feature.

Awesome addition. Thanks.

Since I have turned on the Auto Update feature, will there be an instance when I would see the new banner?

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As with many of these delightful Tiller updates, I see them and think ‘hmmmm’ that’s so cool. Wonder why I never noticed it before. And, then… I see your announcement! I’m going to turn it into a game. Find The Update!

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@Brad.warren, maybe not because when you launch the add-on it automatically starts trying to update. Perhaps if you chose “open sidebar” at some point when you’re already logged in to the sidebar and that appears rather than “launch.”

It doesn’t yet just magically appear if an update is available when you have the sidebar open but have already ran the update.

We just yesterday pushed another update where the “update sheets” button now actually looks like a button :slight_smile:

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haha love this :slight_smile: I try to be proactive in sharing these updates. I think I was a day behind on this one.

Used it just now. This is awesome.