Using saving in budget

I think this is easy but I can’t find anything on how to use my savings in my budget. For instance, this month we had a home improvement project budgeted for $2,400 but how do I “use” my savings for that part of the budget? Hopefully, that makes sense but I am happy to add details if it helps.

Are you using the “Savings Budget” template? If so, and had an amount saved, then you need to adjust your starting savings budget.

I came from YNAB and had the same issue.

If you’re not using the Savings budget, then I’m not sure.

Hi Michael,

No, I have not seen the Saving Budget template and it is not in the add-in. how do I get it? Thanks!

Looks like you are using Excel? If so, it may not be available yet which is why you aren’t seeing it.

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That’s correct and the Savings Budget is unavailable for Excel, and we don’t necessarily have any plans to build it out for Excel and even then it’d still be a community-supported option I think.

Thanks, Heather and Yubet96.

So is Google Sheets the primary platform for Tiller development? I thought both platforms were equally supported but I would switch if that is where new features are going to be focused.

Tiller has indicated that it is fully committed to developing both Sheets and Excel going forward, but Sheets had a considerable head start. I suspect Tiller simply hasn’t prioritized the Savings Budget as part of its pathway to catch Excel up, especially since it’s a community solution, not a native Tiller-supported sheet.